I HAVAL's Overseas Development in 2015

In 2015, HAVAL launched its brand in 10 overseas markets covering countries and regions such as Russia, South America, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. HAVAL has firmly implemented Great Wall Motors' strategy of brand globalization and been committed to satisfying global consumers' different demands for HAVAL models. This has laid the groundwork for HAVAL to become one of the top SUV brands in the world. Now let's look at HAVAL's overseas market performance in 2015.

HAVAL initiates overseas operations in Russia

On June 25, 2015, HAVAL launched its H2, H6, H8 and H9 models along with its brand in Russia, sounding the bugle of globalization and marking a good beginning for its overseas operations.

Russia was the preferred market for the launch of the HAVAL brand. Since its entry into Russia in 2004, Great Wall Motors has established a favourable brand image among local consumers.. HAVAL became well-known to Russian people early on, and made its debut at the Moscow International Automobile Salon early in August 2014. The magnificent HAVAL booth and elegant HAVAL models attracted flocks of visitors.

HAVAL increases operations in South America and makes its name after competing in Dakar five times

South America is one of the overseas markets Great Wall Motors developed earliest, as well as an important part of HAVAL's global reach. South America has surpassed Asia as the fastest-growing auto market in the world. This has created a rare opportunity for the development of Chinese automakers in South America, and has built a stage for HAVAL to show itself from.

In June 2015, HAVAL moved into South America, made its debut in Chile and launched its trendy H2 model. Subsequently HAVAL launched its brand successively in markets such as Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, expanding its reach in South America.

South America is the site of the world’s top off-road race--the Dakar Rally. Having competed in this rally five consecutive times and finishing 6th two years in a row, "HAVAL Dakar Team" enjoys a high brand popularity in South America. Notably, during the launch of the HAVAL brand in Chile, the distributor ingeniously organized an event themed "Returning to Dakar". At the event, journalists test-drove mass-manufactured HAVAL models and praised their outstanding quality.

HAVAL's entry into Australia marks milestone in overseas development

Full of opportunities and challenges, the vast continent of Australia has always been a paradise for explorers. The Australian auto market can be compared to a scorching desert, in which the law of survival of the fittest rules perfectly; only the strongest can survive in this hot land.

On October 6, 2015, HAVAL burst onto the Australian scene with the launch of the HAVAL H2, H8 and H9 models. As a mature automotive market, Australia has stringent regulations on vehicle safety and emissions. The certification of HAVAL by the Australian government and the launch of HAVAL in Australia marks HAVAL's strategic step towards globalization and a new milestone in overseas market development.

So far, HAVAL has established stores in four Australian cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Geelong. The company will develop more sales channels over time in line with its mission to become a mainstream auto brand in Australia.

HAVAL launches in the Middle East & Africa region

In addition to the premium Australian market, HAVAL has actively developed other promising markets, quickened its overseas operations and proceeded with globalization. Facing unique situations in the Middle East and Africa, HAVAL has worked closely with local distributors to establish a brand presence in these regions.

On November 1, 2015, HAVAL launched its brand in Iraq during the 42nd Baghdad International Fair, and showcased the HAVAL H2, H6, H8 and H9 models.

On December 3, one month later, HAVAL launched its brand in Benin, a country on the Gulf of Guinea. The HAVAL H2, H6 and H9 models made their debuts in West Africa, bringing the warm African people a luxury SUV experience from China.

HAVAL has a long way to go in overseas development

Apart from the above-mentioned markets, HAVAL successively launched in Azerbaijan and Georgia on July 28 and 29, 2015 with the HAVAL H2, H6 Sport and H9, and opened 4S stores. On November 15, HAVAL made its debut at ASEAN Auto Show with its key model H2. Malaysia's vice minister of international trade and industry praised HAVAL's product quality.

2015 saw HAVAL initiate its operations and begin to build its brand popularity abroad. In 2016, HAVAL will develop more overseas markets, work with more distributors, and build the brand-new international image of Chinese auto brands through quality products and a high standard of service.