I Great Wall Motors and Brabus Automotive Sign Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation

March 6, 2019: Great Wall Motor Company Limited and Brabus Automotive signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation at the Geneva International Motor Show. Mr. Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motors and Founder of the WEY Brand, Mr. Constantin Buschmann, Chairman of Brabus Automotive, and Mr. Christian Draser, Co-Chairman and CEO of Brabus Automotive attended the signing ceremony.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two sides will cooperate on powertrain R&D, interior and exterior design, and together will launch limited edition models and customized high-end edition models of WEY.

The two sides will also cooperate on R&D of future and advanced technologies, explore the feasibility of global cooperation including homologation certification in the EU market, as well as the feasibility of joint venture cooperation. It shows Great Wall Motors’ determination to become the world leader in SUV production and launch the WEY brand as a Chinese company with a global vision.

As one of the world’s largest and most famous manufacturers of customised automobiles, the Brabus Group is renowned for its cutting-edge engine modification technology and unique power performance. Based on its high-standard manufacturing process, Brabus Automotive is capable of special and small-batch R&D and mass production according to the standards of the OEM.

In addition, Brabus Automotive has been committed to creating customised models with high levels of performance and luxury in cooperation with well-known international brands. Under their cooperation with Brabus Automotive, Great Wall Motors will not only take another solid step towards globalisation, but also further implement the brand mission of "affordable luxury" with the WEY brand with its high-end customised products that integrate the world’s top modification technology. At this year’s IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main, the WEY brand will launch a new product jointly developed with Brabus Automotive in Germany, bringing the results of their cooperation to consumers.

Recently, Ms. Wang Fengying, deputy to the National People’s Congress and President of Great Wall Motors, put forward her suggestions on regulating the automobile modification industry and promoting the optimisation and upgrading of automobile consumption during the two sessions in 2019, striving to accelerate the normalised and legal management of the automobile modification market to cater for the increasing demand of customers in pursuit of a better life. With the support of Brabus Automotive, WEY’s efforts to meet the trend of personalised and sports consumption upgrading will make WEY a pioneer in the Chinese automobile culture.

From deployment worldwide to cooperation, WEY, a brand under Great Wall Motors, is committed to "bringing affordable luxury to Chinese customers and bringing luxury made in China to the world".

With the cooperation between Great Wall Motors and Brabus Automotive, WEY brand will bring more high-end and connotative products and services to more international customers, fulfilling the transformation of WEY from a Chinese brand to a global brand.