I New Concept Car Haval vision2025 Shows the Future of SUV Segment with Intelligent Technology

What will SUVs look like in the future?

Haval provided their answer to this question as early as 2015. At the 5th Science and Technology Festival held by Great Wall Motors that year, Haval released a brand concept film titled Haval Leads the Road to the Future, which caused a sensation.

The film showed Haval's rich imagining of what automobiles would be like in the future, which can achieve unmanned driving, intelligent interconnection, face recognition, fingerprint payment and other functions. With these functions, a Haval SUV can be transformed into a mobile home, a mobile office, a mobile home cinema, a mobile game hall, a smart home control terminal, and even a mobile hospital for injured animals. Once released, this brand concept film became the most viewed video on the subject in an instant and brought many fans limitless expectations about the future of Haval.

Named Haval vision2025, this concept car was positioned as "a global intelligent SUV in the new era" and made its global debut at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition this month.

In the future, a car will become one of the most important mobility partners of people. Haval vision2025 is an intelligent and smart SUV of the new era, which is built on the four pioneering concepts of hyper sensory visual design, autonomous interaction, full-scene ecological service and intelligent driving assistance.

Haval vision2025 will be equipped with multi-dimensional intelligent networking scene application technology. Many of the much-anticipated scenarios which were seen in Haval Leads the Road to the Future will become reality.

Those who watched the blockbuster superhero movie Iron Man were deeply impressed by the "transparent display" on Iron Man's smart helmet. With a floating screen displaying all kinds of data and mechanical information, the "transparent display" helps the hero with the data while he is employing his skills to fight evil.

The cool sophisticated technology in the movie is not a dream, but a reality. As can be seen from the partial pictures of Haval vision2025, this concept car adopts the augmented reality head-up display (AR-HUD) system and brings real AR technology to the windshield to integrate navigation, instruments, entertainment and communication with the road and dynamically display the entire virtual information cluster on the windshield in real time, thus reducing the driver's eye shift. The first application of AR-HUD in the Haval concept car may be the prelude to future window interaction.

Users who do a lot of online shopping are fully aware of experiencing delivery troubles. Haval designers innovatively put forward the delivery-to-car design concept. Apart from home and company, Haval vision2025 will become another terminal of logistics. The user only needs to input into the smart bracelet on their wrist and authorise the trunk of the car to open for one minute, so that the courier can deliver the articles bought online directly into the car, which will greatly reduce the hassle of receiving goods.

From the revealed pictures, one can see that Haval vision2025 will integrate face recognition technology to take the place of traditional key and combine biometric authentication with intelligent networking cloud computing in depth. Users may gain access to the car directly through the cloud account facial recognition function. After the authentication is passed, the concept car will synchronise the information data with the account and offer personalised function services such as automatically adjusting seat memory settings, health information, navigation information and music preferences.

At the celebration ceremony of Haval's global sales topping 5 million vehicles last year, Haval Chairman Wei Jianjun released a grand global strategic plan of 5-2-1, aiming to achieve an annual sale of 2 million vehicles and becoming the no.1 brand of SUV in the world within five years. From the Haval vision2025 concept car revealed today, Haval is well-prepared in terms of both product and technology.

As a global professional SUV brand, Haval has always been at the forefront of travel development and has never stopped exploring, innovating and transforming. Undoubtedly, Haval will once again demonstrate its outstanding innovation capability and highlight its firm belief in offering a quality travel experience for Haval owners around the world at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.