I HAVAL's Development in 2015

Splendid launch of HAVAL H8

The HAVAL H8, a key model of HAVAL to challenge the high-end SUV market, not only carries the high expectations of HAVAL and Mr. Wei Jianjun, the Chairman of Great Wall Motors, but also has drawn wide attention from the automotive industry, the media and consumers. Due to the previous absence of independent brands in the high-end SUV market, the reputation and quality of the H8 was crucial in determining people's first impression of an independently-branded high-end SUV.

HAVAL H6 Coupe coming into market

The HAVAL H6 Coupe, developed from on the platform of the original HAVAL H6, is the first independent-branded Coupe SUV model, which is highlighted by its contemporary appearance and sumptuous interior. While H6 is creating SUV sales legends, H6 Coupe is likely to become another masterpiece that will play a vital role in HAVAL's brand strategy implementation and product improvement.

HAVAL H6's sales top 1,000,000 units

As a leading independent-branded SUV model, the HAVAL H6 plays an unshakable role in the industry. Whereas FAW-Volkswagen announced that it had spent eight years reaching 1,000,000 units in production and sales of Magotan, it took the H6 only half the time to reach that goal.

Since its launch, the H6 has seen substantial growth in sales year on year: 30,000 units in 2011, 140,000 units in 2012, 220,000 units in 2013, over 300,000 units in 2014 and 330,700 units in the first 11 months of 2015. In line with predictions of experts in automotive industry H6's annual sales in 2015 will arrive at around 360,000 units, but the figure is likely to exceed 360,000 according to H6's sales performance in November.

H6's success is not only the pride of HAVAL, but also of vital significance to the development of independent SUV brands and China's automotive industry.

According to statistics released by the State Information Centre, SUV sales were only 570,000 units in 2011 compared to independent-branded passenger car sales of 2,950,000 units. With the market success of H6, other automakers developed similar models to expand the market together. Independent-branded SUV sales had hit 2,500,000 units by October 2015 under the undeniable contributions of HAVAL H6, far ahead of independent-branded passenger car sales of 1,880,000 units.

HAVAL soars abroad

In 2015, HAVAL yielded fruitful results abroad. HAVAL successively hit 11 overseas markets such as Russia, Australia and Chile, sounding the bugle to march towards overseas markets, bringing professional SUV experience to local consumers and having earned their recognition. To achieve successful overseas operation of brand is a large obstacle to overcome for Chinese brand all this time. HAVAL's success shows its outstanding product quality and its determination to develop overseas markets. HAVAL is forging towards the world in high spirits.

HAVAL yields fruitful results in 2015

According to data recently released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, HAVAL achieved cumulative sales of 620,000 units in the first 11 months of last year, up 35.35 per cent from 458,100 units sold in the same period of last year, far above the overall growth rate of the industry.

As a pillar in HAVAL's product line up, the HAVAL H6 performed more strongly last year, with its cumulative sales accounting for more than half of HAVAL's total sales; its sales in November exceeded 40,000 units, and its cumulative sales in the first 11 months reached 330,700 units, up 16.23 per cent year on year. As new growth points, HAVAL H1 and H2 achieved total sales of over 210,000 units in the first 11 months. H2's sales were up 300 per cent year on year in this period, showing the market's high recognition of this model.