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I History



  • In January, “HAVAL Dakar Team” competed in the Dakar Rally for the fifth time, won the first stage and moved into the top 10 for the third consecutive year
  • In April, HAVAL exhibited at Auto China 2014 with strongest SUV lineup.
  • In July, customizable SUV HAVAL H2 was launched in China.
  • In August, HAVAL held a foundation-laying ceremony at its Tula plant.
  • In August, HAVAL made its appearance at MIMS 2014.
  • In September, HAVAL defended championship of the 2014CGR.
  • In October, HAVAL H6 became the only SUV model with monthly sales of over 30,000 units in China.
  • In November, seven-seat all-terrain SUV–HAVAL H9 was launched in China, and HAVAL H1 was launched concurrently.
  • In December, HAVAL posted annual sales of 519,418 units, ranking 1st in the Chinese SUV market for the 12th consecutive year.


  • In January, HAVAL competed in the Dakar Rally for the fourth time as the only Chinese team and finished 6th.
  • In January, HAVAL H6 was crowned as the “CCTV SUV of 2012″
  • In March, HAVAL registered sales of over 1 million units.
  • In November HAVAL H6 won the 15th Gold Award for China Design Patent.
  • On December, HAVAL claimed the domestic SUV sales title for the 11th consecutive year.


  • In January, HAVAL H6 was honored as the “CCTV Independent SUV of 2011″
  • In April, HAVAL H6 was rated as a five-star model as the result of a C-NCAP collision test to become an industrial model
  • In September, HAVAL H3/H5 won the first prize for progress in science and technology in China’s auto industry
  • In October, HAVAL became the first SUV brand to land on Sansha Island and the Arctic, displaying its character
  • In December, HAVAL posted annual sales of 280,000 units, retaining the domestic SUV sales title for the 10th consecutive year


  • In August, the city intelligent SUV–HAVAL H6 was launched


  • In June, HAVAL H5 was launched as China’s first EU-certified independent SUV


  • In April, HAVAL H3 was launched and occupied the market swiftly with a prime displacement of 2.0L


  • HAVAL defended the diesel title in the 2008 Taklimakan Rally and claimed the manufacturer title.


  • HAVAL granted the “Integrated Innovation Award” at the “Ceremony for Achievements in Independent Innovation of Chinese Vehicles over the Five Decades”


  • GWM took the lead to develop electronically-controlled high-pressure common-rail diesel engines to change the traditional image of SUV as a “high fuel consumer” and popularize diesel SUVs.
  • HAVAL CUV were exported to Italy in batches, marking the first batch export of Chinese independent-branded vehicles to the EU


  • HAVAL CUV was launched to open a “HAVAL era” of over 100,000 yuan
  • In December, HAVAL was honored as the “CCTV Independent SUV of the Year”, showing its professional quality


  • HAVAL jumped as the domestic SUV sales champion


  • Safe SUV priced at 80,000 yuan was launched, setting off a SUV fever in China