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1st Quarter 2018 c-ncap results released – all-new haval receives a 5-star safety rating

On April 19th, the Chinese Automotive Technology and Research Centre hosted the C-NCAP evaluation press conference for the first batch of models in the Safety Experience Hall, Sring City Square, Jinan City, Shandong Province. 13 models were included in the evaluation including the all-new HAVAL, Mercedes E300 L, VW Magotan, to name a few.

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Sustainable practices and balancing the books are no longer conflicting goals

Gone are the days when organisations could rest on their financial laurels alone. Companies today operate in complicated ecosystems of stakeholders and communities, accountable for far greater impacts that extend well beyond the walls of their operations and deep into the societies in which they are embedded.

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Local distributor sees strong growth in commercial vehicle sales

Swaidan Trading Company, the distributor of automobile brands such as Peugeot, Ashok Leyland and Great Wall Motors, expects passenger vehicle sales in Dubai to pick up in the second half after lagging in the first two quarters.

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Haval H6 Coupe gets compared to the Range Rover Evoque

Launched in 2015 as China’s first Coupe SUV, the Haval H6 Coupe has been attracting attention not only in China but also from overseas media. Russian Auto Report expressed, “It’s hard to believe that Haval has created an all-new concept in China's SUV field and the heroic spirit as Range Rover Evoque can even be seen from its dynamic and modern design.” Australian publication Caradvise disclosed the detailed power specifications to its readers.

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HAVAL's Overseas Development in 2015

In 2015, HAVAL launched its brand in 10 overseas markets covering countries and regions such as Russia, South America, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. HAVAL has firmly implemented Great Wall Motors' strategy of brand globalization and been committed to satisfying global consumers' different demands for HAVAL models. This has laid the groundwork for HAVAL to become one of the top SUV brands in the world. Now let's look at HAVAL's overseas market performance in 2015.

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HAVAL's Development in 2015

The HAVAL H8, a key model of HAVAL to challenge the high-end SUV market, not only carries the high expectations of HAVAL and Mr. Wei Jianjun, the Chairman of Great Wall Motors, but also has drawn wide attention from the automotive industry, the media and consumers. Due to the previous absence of independent brands in the high-end SUV market, the reputation and quality of the H8 was crucial in determining people's first impression of an independently-branded high-end SUV.

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